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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tamil Actress Photo Gallery-Hot Actress Kamalani Mukherjee

Kamalinee Mukherjee was born on 4 March, 1980 who is an Indian actress. She has predominantly appeared in Telugu films as glowing as in a few Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada language films.

After graduating with a degree in English literature, she complete a workshop on theatre in Mumbai because of her burly background in it. She ended her acting debut in Phir Milenge ( 2004 ), a film that was based on the subject of AIDS. She gained recognition in the numerous - award winner, Anand.

Early life

Mukherjee was natural and brought up in Kolkata, India. While her father is a naval engineer, her mother is a jewellery stylish. She is the eldest of the three siblings in the family. Due to her " love for being on the stage " since childhood, she acted in all sorts of unpaid and qualified stageplays while in school and college. Incidentally, she always portrayed manly characters in these plays. Besides theater, she residential a love for reading religious works, painting and writing poetry. Just before she began her acting career in 2004, she had in black and white three poems, both of these aristocratic as Thoughts, Confusion and Solitude. One of these poems was elected for an Intercontinental Poetry Contest, where along with one of the 150 people all over the world, she was invited to Washington, D. C. for a seminar that was presided over by Dalai Lama. Besides writing poetry, she also underwent quite a lot of years of training in Bharatanatyam, an Indian traditional dance form.

After graduating with a degree in English literature from Loreto College in Kolkata, she took up a hotel management course in New Delhi, but missing it midway. Thereafter, she took a course in theatre arts in Mumbai due to her good quality background in the field. Thereafter, she performed in a lot of theater plays and also modeled in advertisements for brands such as Neelkamal Furniture, Parachute, Light & Attractive and Ayush

Kamalini's Self Introductions

It happened by chance :

No godfather, no mentor, no film background; it just happened by chance. I took up a course in dramatic arts and then I signed my initial film, Phir Milenge, bound for by Revathi. I got rave reviews for the movie. And then Anand and Godavari happened. I am grateful to the Telugu audience for their huge support.

Experiences so far

Director Sekhar Kammula calculated the character keeping me in mind. As a newcomer, I couldn't have asked for additional. My character in the movie Rupa explored a new dimension of a unconventional physically powerful woman. I took individual care with my diction, acting skills and tried generous my 100 per cent.

But I motionless feel that I could have complete improved. Godavari was yet one more enjoyable experience. The movie is like a deep poem; melodious and enjoyable.

It's a feminine - centric world now :

People say that I've ended only heroine - slanting movies. Unwell say Anand and Godavari gave me an opportunity to explore my talent. Indian cinema has always been a male conquered world. But, things are shifting and even the actresses are getting equivalent opportunities. Both the movies proved to be a trendsetter. And I'm pleased that I was a part of both the movies.

Family matters :

I know it sounds hackneyed, but I'm motionless going to say this My parents are the top parents in the world. Their love for me is unqualified and without their support, I wouldn't have complete anything. Their happiness tops my wish list. Everything else comes later.

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